Ground equipment

Ground equipment

The DG-2 traction gauge is designed to measure the traction unit of a logging cable, digitize the recorded output signals and transmit it to the logging station.

Areas of application: The traction unit is used both in the systems of technological control parameters during drilling, as well as in the computerized geo-technological research of wells


1. The measuring range of tension of the logging cable is 0 – 50 kN
2. Output signal parameters
2.1 Output of the measurement part Digital radio channel 433.5 Mhz
2.2 Operation within a guaranteed radius of 100 m in direct view.
2.3 Output of the receiving part Digital: (RS485), Analog: 0… 5В
2.4 The cost of division Digital output: 1bit / 1kg. Analog output: 5mV / 10kG
3. Measurement error ± 5%
4. Maximum load 270 kN
5. Operating range temperature -40… + 50 ° С
6. The supply voltage of the measuring device is 4 x 1.25V AA
7. Uninterrupted operation of the measuring device (when the battery is fully charged) 200 hours
8. Overall dimensions: 600×100 mm
9. Weight: 20 kg.
10. Climate standard IEC 529 IP66

The portable marking device is designed to mark the geophysical cable during logging in the well. Marking can be done when the cable is released into the well or lifted. The device can be replaced with a stationary marking device

1.2 Technical characteristics
1.2.1 Marking error,% max. -0.2%
Maximum error at a distance of 10 meters -2 mm
Maximum error at a distance of 100 meters -20 mm
Maximum error at a distance of 1000 meters -200 mm
Maximum error at a distance of 5000 meters -1 m
1.2.2 The length of the measuring base is -1 m
1.2.3 Distance between main signs -10 m
1.2.4 Marking interval
Double (every 1 m), m -100
Triple (every 1 m), m -1000
1.2.5 Polarization of main and signal signs -SNNS
1.2.6 Temperature of the working range, o C -40 – +65
1.2.7 Maximum relative humidity,% -90
1.2.8 Dimensions, mm -2200x400x250
1.2.9 Weight, kg -30
1.2.11 The direction of movement of the cable during marking. Descent / ascent
1.2.12 Consumption Watt -100 1.2.13 Voltage, V -170-265
1.2.14 Frequency of supply voltage, Hz -40… 60
1.2.15 Operating mode – uninterrupted

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