VEBER-01 logging station is designed for complex geophysical surveys in the process of exploration, drilling and operation of oil wells.

The design of the registrar is based on three main principles: security, comprehensiveness, and functionality. As the base platform, the well-known industry standard “Euromechanics” is used.

The main unit of the recorder consists of a basket with a height of 3U (130 mm) and is designed to be mounted on a 19 “(inch) body. The unit includes a set of signal processing modules from specially connected devices connected to the tire and power supplies for well equipment. The block provides the ability to operate all well devices known to date without the need for other surface devices (the slot expands with the emergence of a new device). In addition, a thermoplotter is included for operative printing of logging diagrams on thermal paper.
The dimensions of the logging station are not larger than the dimensions of the table device.
The weight of the station is 15 kg. You can use it as a handheld station.
Nevertheless, the station allows to work at full capacity with both modern and obsolete geophysical devices without surface panels.

The station has two signal units, new signal processors with a production capacity of 1,200 million operations per second.
This makes it easy to write programs for signal processing and the use of complex mathematical algorithms.

Equipment composition

The station includes the following functional devices and blocks.

Signal processors from well devices in a fixed module
Interface for communication with a personal computer
Flexible analog-to-digital converter
Slow analog-to-digital converter
Well equipment switching and control unit
Power supply for well equipment
Cable tension registration block
Depth measuring block
Thermoplotter installed in the equipment
Auxiliary equipment

Personal computer
The program of the station
Connecting cable block
Signal processing block

The type of signals received is similar, coded, coming soon
The amplitude of the received signals is 0.012… 10V
The range of received frequency signals is 3… 25000 Hz
The leading frequency of the code signal is up to 80 kHz
Unloading of agile ARC 16 Bit
The maximum frequency of signal digitization is 1 Mhz
Slow ARC unloading 16 Bit
Number of slow ARC entries 4
The processing power of the signal processor is 600 million. action / Hour
Signal Processor Unloading 48 Bit
Technical characteristics of the device

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 550x320x320
Power supply voltage 180-250volts, 50Hz
Power consumption 500W, (not much)
Ambient temperature from +10 to- + 40C
When the relative humidity is 90%, 30 ° C.

Accuracy 8 points / mm
Print speed 20mm / sec.
The width of the paper is 210 or 216 mm
The maximum diameter of the roll is 60 mm
Well device power supply

The maximum power of the well device is 300 watts
DC output voltage -300… + 300 V.
Voltage at the output of alternating current 0… 220 V
Direct current -3… + 3 A
Alternating current 0… 1 A
The frequency of the output current is 40-450 Hz
Installation of step at voltage output 0.1 V
Installation of step at current output 1 mA
Error setting voltage 3%
Error 3% during current installation
Removable indication block

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 115x97x56
Depth indication range -1000… 9999 m
Speed ​​indication range 0… 32000 m / sec.
Depth measurement discreteness 1 cm
Speed ​​measurement discrete 5 m / h
The discreteness of the correction factor of the roller is 1 cm / km
Ambient temperature -40… + 65 ° C

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