Veber Density

Veber Density

Measuring range Outer diameter 124 mm

Density 1.2 g / cm3- 3.0 g / cm3 Weight 156 kg

Length 3380 mm

Errors Maximum temperature 200 ° С

Density 0.5% Maximum pressure 137 MPa

Recording speed up to 300 m / h

Length 3.38 m

The density logging device detects changes in the volume weight present in the lithographic section during the drilling process and is operated on a set of devices. A set of gamma rays from a Cs-137 gamma source is directed to the layer. Two Heyger meters, located at different distances from the radiation source, detect gamma rays returning to the wellbore as a result of Compton scattering. The use of two detectors makes it possible to correct the clay residues on the walls of the well.

The device consists of two sections. The upper electronics, housed in a steel housing, consist of a low-voltage source to measure the density of the electronic elements of the cavernamer and the shoe. The engine is installed in the section to open and close the levers. A removable cushion is installed in the lower section of the device to measure density and store the shoe. The potentiometer of the cavernamer placed in this section is to measure the distance between the upper areas of the pillows.

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