Weber INK-60

Weber INK-60

Measurement range

Azimuth, ° 0..360

Zenith, ° 0..180


Azimuth, ° 2

Zenith, ° 0.07

Writing speed, 1100 m / h

Diameter, mm 60

Weight, kg 13

Length, mm 1800

Maximum pressure 60 MPa

Maximum operating temperature, 1200 ° C


The Weber IN well inclinometer is designed to be operated as part of the Weberlog toolkit and determines the orientation of the well as a module.

Orientation is determined by three parameters: bending angle, azimuth and rotation of the device relative to the apical plane.

A three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis ferro-probe magnetometer were used as sensors in the inclinometer.

In addition, the inclinometer contains a detector that detects the natural gamma radiation of the layers, and the signals received from it improve the processing of inclinometric data.

The principle of measurement is the vector of the gravitations Ax, Ay and Az and Fx, Fy and Fz. software processing of initial data of the Earth’s magnetic field vectors and calculation of orientation.

Due to the sensitivity of the magnetometer installed in the device to the magnetic field, the body and internal parts of the device are made of non-magnetic materials.

In addition, the design of the inclinometer allows other devices to be connected from the top or bottom during the measurement.

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