Type of power supply Measurement mode-stable direct current 40-60 mА ± 1% Turn-on : 220V, 50Hz
Type of sensors


Range 100 – 760 mm
Ability to allow vertical 0,05 m
Sensitivity Conversion factor: 0.25 mB / mm
Accuracy Major relative error 6%
Marked curves 2 equal, perpendicular diameter of the well
Copy of logging 2500 m / h
Auxiliary curves The average diameter of the well
Basic caliber With the help of caliber tools and rings.
Additional    Through the standard signal
max. temperature 180 °С
max. pressure 120 MPa
The device’s max. Diameter 80 mm
Thousands of wells. diameter 100 mm
The max of the well. diameter 600 mm
Weight 76 kg
Length 3440 mm


Cavernomer-profilomer well device

Determines the cross-sectional dimensions of the wellbore and its average diameter with two mutually perpendicular dimensions at the same time. The device uses a special device to remotely control the wings and perform calibration operations using a standard signal while the device is in the well. It connects to Weber-01 and Kedr 02 stations and operates with a 3-core geophysical cable up to 6,000 meters long.

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